About Us

About Us

Knowledge and experience applied to the nautic sector

About us

PVS has as its organizational principles:

  • A vision focused on client requirements and compliance with technical and legal regulations
  • The continuous improvement of the services offered to our clients, adapting to their needs.
  • Establish communication channels with our clients to better understand their needs.
  • The comprehensive development of your technical team, providing it with the best technical means available.
  • Use of the best practices and technologies available to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Signed: Julio Pezzolano

At PVS we have a team trained to provide solutions to the needs of our clients, from our field workers to the administration team, passing through the technical and management teams, everyone at PVS understands the value of our services and the responsibility and requirements as our clients place their trust in us.

Signed: Cristina Picazo

Work at PPVS stems from the passion shared by its entire team. A passion that spreads and calls for responsibility. We know that our work allows the safe execution of many jobs around us and that we are counted on to comply with environmental and occupational safety requirements. That is why we always seek to be at the forefront of technological solutions, researching and learning how to apply new knowledge and techniques to our work.

Signed: Ricardo Valdivielso
Engineer COEIB-668

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